About Neurotoxin Injectables

Most commonly known as Botox®, this is injected into specific muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox®, Xeomin® and Dysport© all work by blocking nerve impulses in the muscle, preventing the contraction of muscle spasms and decreasing the appearance of lines.

There are numerous areas which can be treated by injectables including: frown lines, vertical “11” lines, crow’s feet/smile lines, forehead lines, bunny lines (across bridge of your nose), lip flip for a pouty lip, jaw reduction, chin crease, and neck lines. There are also medical treatments for migraines, headaches and excess sweating of arms, hands and feet. Jana has been expertly trained in all of these regions and will be doing your consultation along with the injections.

Botox® $12/unit

Xeomin® $10/unit

Dysport© $6/unit

Woman with 11 lines_Before BOTOX Injectables


Woman with 11 lines_AFTER BOTOX Injectables


The total number of units needed will vary from person to person with a typical range of 16-40 units depending on desired results.

We participate in both the Botox® Allē treatments program and Dysport© ASPIRE Galderma Practice Rewards program.

“Jana is very thoughtful in her approach to Botox. She listens to your challenges and works to find solutions. In my case, I wanted to try to attempt to relieve some of my headaches, while also benefitting from a reduction of fine lines and my 11s. Jana suggested starting with smaller amounts and adding more as needed. I liked this solution and have enjoyed the results!”
– Lori S.

About SkinVive

Elevated your skin’s radiance with SKINVIVE (TM). This is a FDA approved hyaloronic acid microdorplets to enhance your facial skin smoothness and hydration in the cheeks.

Achieve a youthful radiant Glow and prevent future dehydration: SKINVIVE (TM)

  • Improves facial skin texture and decreases signs of aging

  • Treatment time around 30 minutes with no DOWN time

  • Can be added with other cosmetic treatments such at Botox, Lasers or Peels to achieve desired outcomes

  • Long Lasting results