About Our Skin Care Line

We use a medical grade skincare line, Noon, for both in-clinic treatments and retail purchase. We chose this partner because of the quality of their products and the match with our clientele and our dry, sunny climate. Noon™ has customizable solutions for YOUR specific skin care needs including acne, rosacea, dry, normal and aging skin. Formulated with DermShield™ technology, this line contains active ingredients at unprecedented high concentration levels without the usual side effects such as irritation, burning, redness, and discomfort. We carry a full-range of Noon™ products to meet your specific needs.

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NoonTM Aesthetic Professional Peels

We believe that everyone deserves beautiful, healthy skin. InJect offers highly effective treatment peels, with no downtime. Our paraceutical grade NoonTM Aesthetics with the clinically proven DermShieldTM protects the skin from any reactivity, making our treatments a completely safe and painless way to achieve clear, glowing skin.

All of our peels address conditions such as acne, rosacea, fine lines/wrinkles, folliculitis, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Call today for a free consultation to discuss how to best customize a facial plan to best meet your needs and skin type (safe for ALL skin types!)

“I am so impressed with the line! The cleanser is one of the best I have ever used. I usually suffer from hormonal breakouts and some cleansers are too active for me. My skin has improved within 3 days. The inflammation has gone down and I am healing faster. My skin feels calm after using the products, I especially love the Intensive Hydrogel with DermShield.”
– Nichole

Individual: $99

Package of 3: $289

Package of 6: $499
Recommended for BEST results

Teen/Young Adult Acne Care

We all know that treating acne at any age can be tricky and even feel impossible to manage. Especially when it comes to teenage skin. Teenage skin goes through so many changes and challenges. To name a few…excess oil, hormonal changes and deep pimples that can potentially cause acne scarring. We know that teens require extra support and encouragement as they work on clearing their skin.

A free, PRIVATE acne consultation is the first step toward getting your skin clear and brilliant. NoonTM Aesthetics can help provide teens with the tools and instructions needed to achieve clearer, more confident skin. We reserve after school appointment times at InJect to work with your teen’s schedule.

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Noon™ Acne Starter Kit
Six Customized Professional Peels
Sunscreen brush
NoonTM headband or
Microfiber Face Cleanser Mit
Priority after school scheduling
10% of Noon™ products for the year



Noon™ Acne Starter Kit
Three Customized Professional Peels
5% of Noon™ products for the year
Priority after school scheduling



Noon™ Acne Starter Kit
5% off of Noon™ products for the year